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The DTI Spokesperson introduces their plan.
Sean Delany on safety issues.
Tara Wolf on farming and other issues.
Brad Considine speaks on alternate sites.
Joe Falco speaks on traffic considerations.
Randy Buxbaum speaks on various issues.
Kathryn Ruud speaks rural legacy issues.
Joe Brown speaks about zoning issues.
Ned Hallein on land preservation issues.
Elizabeth Bauer on safety & environment issues.

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Video from the FERC 2/6/2008 Meeting in Middletown
The FERC (Federal Energy Regulatory Commission) scheduled a site tour and a meeting on February 6, 2008 about the Middletown project. Over 350 concerned citizens attended the meeting!!!

Click here for the transcript from the meeting.
Click here for the Frederick News Post article about the meeting.

To view a video, click on a link to the left under the FERC logo.