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Citizens for the Preservation of Middletown Valley (CPMV) was launched in January 2008 by local residents to research, educate and organize opposition to the Dominion Transmission (DTI) planned Middletown gas compressor facility.

Overview of the Middletown Compressor Station
Dominion Transmission, Inc.  (DTI) proposes to build a Gas Compressor Station, to be located at the corner of Marker & Bolivar Rd’s, just west of Middletown, MD. The historic John Fox tavern is located on the site where DTI plans to build this industrial facility.

DTI requests that a Gas Compressor Station be built approx mid way between two existing facilities (Chambersburg, PA & Leesburg, VA) to increase pressure in the gas pipeline during certain peak hours of need.  The customers of the gas do not live in the immediate area, but rather in northern Virginia.  The gas pipeline happens to run through Middletown Valley and was built in the early 1970’s. When the Marker Rd. property went up for sale, DTI noticed and put in an offer and submitted a Plan Modification with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) to include this site.

As part of the review process, FERC (who has sole approval authority) requires that other engineering and/or site alternatives be submitted.  To date (2/25/08) none have been submitted.

History & Chronology
— July 2007 Dominion submits Pre-File application to Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC)
— Nov 16, 2007 Dominion submits Plan Modification to include Middletown Compressor Station
— Nov 19, 2007 Dominion holds public meeting at Hollow Creek Golf Club.  Sends out notices to those within half mile radius of proposed site.  Not many attend due to lack of knowledge, information.
— Jan 9, 2008 A forum site is launched as a discussion vehicle to share information and notify citizens of the impending changes to our Valley.
— Mid Jan 2007 FERC mails out notification to those within half mile radius and announces site visit & public meeting on 2/6/08 and requests formal opinions to be filed with FERC no later than 2/1/9/08.
— Jan 26, 2008 Citizens for the Preservation of Middletown Valley (CPMV) is formed and first meeting held.  Tell Me Today web page is announced and citizens begin to join to obtain the latest news and to share information.
— CPMV sends out the troops to educate the impacted residents via flyers, road signs, emails and the Tell Me Today site
— Feb 6, 2008 approx 55 residents attend the Site visit and speak with representatives of FERC and Dominion.  Later that evening, 350 Middletonians attend the public meeting and voice their concerns and opposition to the proposed site. Also at this meeting are local News media and public officials. 
— The news of the site continues to spread and more become involved
— Feb 13, 2008 Second meeting of the CPMV is held to assign leaders to manage various aspects of “the Cause”
— Feb 16, 2008 Members of CPMV meet at the Main Cup, Middletown to assist fellow citizens to file their Opinion Letters with FERC on line.  Many had encountered problems with understanding and filing their letters via the FERC web site.
— Feb 19, 2008 There were over 140 letters submitted from private citizens to Middletown and Frederick County government officials, and private interest groups.
— CPMV continues to promote all concerned citizens to write to their elected officials regarding their concerns and to spread the word higher and further.  Tell Me Today web site is crucial for information sharing and research.