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News and Articles about DTI's Planned Compressor Station

— 1/27/2009, FNP article: Dominion buys property for gas project



2008 News and Articles

— 3/4/2008, WYPR Radio 88.1FM: Sheilah Kast interviews CPMV's Rich Maranto and Robert Fulton, a spokesperson for Dominion Transmission.

— 2/23/2008, FNP article: Local politicians ask FERC to reconsider natural gas project

— 2/22/2008, Middletown Valley Business Association article: CPMV vs Dominion

— 2/20/2008, CPMV issues first press release.

— 2/14/2008, Gazette article: Gas compressor station concerns Middletown residents

— 2/13/2008, FNP Letter to Editor: Chirping crickets aren't loud enough

— 2/13/2008, Pressing Issues cable channel 10 discusses Dominion's plans

— 2/07/2008, FNP article: Crowd opposes pumping station

— 2/7/2008, Gazette article: Middletown group fights gas storage plant

— 2/7/2008, Gazette Open Forum: Learn more about proposed gas compressor station

— 2/6/2008, News 25 TV Report: Middletown Compressor Station (** see note below!)

— 2/5/2008, WFMD Radio AM930: Bob Miller interviews CPMV's Rich Maranto

— 2/02/2008, FNP article: Natural gas relay station planned for Middletown Valley

— 2/01/2008, FNP article: Website gives residents voice over gas transmission station

— 11/21/2007, FNP article: Natural gas transmission firm planning $55 million compressor station

** News 25 TV Report: In the report, Bob Fulton, Dominion Transmission Spokesperson claimed that Dominion's groundwater contamination problems occurred 30 to 40 years ago, before there were environmental laws. I'll take Mr. Fulton at his word that Dominion was polluting groundwater back then as well, however the contamination that the CPMV signs reference happened more recently, in 2003 and 2005. I believe that we did have environmental laws way back in 2003.

Here is the state of PA report about Dominion's 2006 fine of $850,000.
Also, as I read it the "historic" contamination referenced in the PA document happened in the 80's... and again, we had environmental laws then as well.